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Building new products

Providing help with planning your execution effectively to reach the goal quickly. It can be anything from a prototype, MVP for product validation or a fully-fledged platform. We're helping you maintain the quality along the way, setup processes and collaborating with product and UX/UI teams to achieve the best experience for your users.

Enhancing existing products

We're helping companies to get on efficient track once they derailed or would like to re-build the product. We're getting familliar with existing solution quickly and auditing the software code-base, deployment and engineering processes. We're identifying areas for improvement, and setting up the new best practices while avoiding common pitfalls along the way.

Embedding talents in your teams

Our stellar engineers and technical leaders are helping companies with more complex ecosystem involving multiple engineering teams to ensure a maintainable and sustainable technical solution for your product and helping teams level up along the way.



Pushing the platform to its limits with offline first progressive web apps using React from Facebook.


Owning iOS and Android platform with 70% code reusability thanks to React native.


Highly performant server solutions built with NodeJS, cloud technologies and GraphQL.


We have a lot of experince with various types of databases, both relational and document-based.


Resilient infrastructures built with cloud technologies on top of AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure.


Get functional prototype of your product in a matter of weeks to validate your idea.

Let’s build something that users love!

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