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We delivered the first version of a hybrid mobile app with strong foundation, best practices and architecture. Since its launch, the app was #1 trending in App Store which helped Trifft accelerate its further growth.







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In a nutshell

The main selling point of this startup is to provide better communication for restaurants and cafés with their customers and to reward customers with valuable goodies for doing so. Trifft works in a close relationship with the shops they provide their services for and was in a dire need of apps for their customers. That's where we stepped in.


The company already had a working prototype of an Android app, but a few meetings and field tests of the app later and they realized it does not hold up to what they are offering to their customers and it could do so much more. They needed to get a new version out to the customers as soon as possible, to better establish the value they bring to their partners.

Time was of the essence in the starting phases of the project and we were tasked with creating both an Android and an iOS app for the users from scratch.


Picking the right technology for the problem

After the specification was stubbed out and all the conditions were considered, we decided to go with React Native as the driving technology for the duo of the apps. Not only does our team have a lot of experience building apps in React, but also both of the apps could be built side by side with just a little bit of code overhead. These were the main two reasons for deciding on the technology. Just a couple of weeks later, we had the app ready for the users in the AppStore and PlayStore with the same codebase.

Iterating quickly without compromising quality

Startups are known to pivot and iterate very quickly and Trifft was no exception. Updates were distributed on a semi-daily basis when we started to roll out new features and UI updates. However, leveraging Expo and its code push feature, all of the updates were seamless for the users. Even though we are able to iterate quickly, we never compromise on the quality of the code we produce.

From the start to 1# trending in App Store in a couple of months

The result of our dedication to best practices and code reviews is the fact, that our codebase can be easily handed over to any other team of developers. We have worked together for a couple of months and aided the startup in achieving a stellar start for their business. The app we built reached and trended at #1 in local App Store and we are proud that we could have been a part of it.

Let’s build something that users love!

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