Looking for ambitious product oriented developers

We like to go deep and understand all aspects of a product. We are able to provide insights that would go by unnoticed otherwise. In the end, product is all that matters.

Our values

Code quality is the name of the game”

Signs of good quality code are efficiency, reliability, robustness, portability, maintainability and readability. Writing high-quality code is an essential investment on which return will follow almost immediately. We know it, that's why we care about the code we write

”To know is not enough. We must also understand.”

We develop a deeper understanding of business/product and of people with whom we work in order to work better together and maximize our total contribution.

”We see strength in unity.”

Collaboration is a skill that requires effort and practice. Through sharing thoughts, knowledge and goals we can contribute more. Through mutual support, trust and care we are stronger. When there is teamwork and collaboration, magic can happen on our way towards success.

”The team is important. So is every individual.”

We honor strong relationships and spirit of teams, but equally important for us is every member individually. Thanks to one on one meetings and regular feedback we ensure that everybody grows professionally and personally. We know candidates aren’t interested in becoming “just another employee” – and that is not what we want either.

”Skills can be improved. We hire for attitude.”

Where there's a will there's a way. In Sudolabs we believe in creating a culture of lifelong learning, career development and constant personal growth. Mindset and attitude geared towards improvement is part of our life and we always encourage people to try out new technologies and to stay hungry for knowledge.

”Freedom starts with personal accountability.”

Manage your time as you want and work from where you want. We trust our team members. We know that a flexible working environment and the right dose of freedom and responsibility is the right way to make team members happy and satisfied.

Open and honest communication builds a trust.”

Healthy communication creates a channel for feedback, debate and discussion. We honor honesty and realness and we encourage a healthy level of disagreements, which we believe are a source of innovation and recognition. On our way forward, this helps us identify obstacles and ensures that everyone's voice is heard.

”With sugar and spice, everything's nice.”

Hard work, new challenges, curiosity to spice it up. Add sugar in the form of fun, optimism, team-buildings, company retreats. We know the right recipe for a pleasant atmosphere and healthy balance.

Want to taste our culture? Cowork with us for a day.

Come and hang out with our team, grab a coffee, and enjoy a productive day of work at our offices.

Our interview process


Intro interview

First of all, let's chit-chat a little bit together. We would like to know more about you, your previous experience, skills, ambitions. We want to know what you expect and what are your requirements. At the same time we will tell you who we are and why we do, what we do.



We want to see you in action and that's why we prepared an assignment for you. It takes about 4hours. There is a bit of coding, a bit of analytic thinking and a bit of problem solving.


Code review

We value your time and effort. Therefore, we will go through your assignment line by line and we provide you with detailed feedback. Thanks to this, you will know what you did great and which areas you should further develop. Plus, you'll see our daily routine in Sudolabs.


Final Decision

Now we know each other a little bit better. Let's take a while to make a final decision. You take the time to decide if you like us, our work or our culture and whether you want to hop on our board. We will do the same and we will let each other know the result.

Let’s build something that users love!

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