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Pushing the platform to the limits with offline first progressive web apps using React. Highly performant server solutions built with Node and GraphQL.



Using React Native allows us to ship your apps on both iOS and Android faster, while also saving development cost.



Resilient infrastructures built with cloud technologies like AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku and Render.

Helping people get ChaCha via text messages

Helping one of the hottest beverage companies with a special feature for their customers. Using Twillio’s API we implemented an sms chatbot that consumers can use for various purposes.
Leveraging Twillio’s machine learning capabilities we trained and prepared the bot to recognise the requirements of anybody thirsty for an amazing drink, order it and have it delivered to their door or a Cha Cha shop.
Our chatbot also provides the user with a bunch of interesting information about special offers and various Cha Cha establishments in the form of a pleasant conversation.

iOS • Android

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